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Warning: Contents of this post may change without warning.
This community was created so [personal profile] elf had somewhere to throw the results of her obsessive PDF conversion activities. Other people are welcome to join the timewasting fun.

It will contain full texts of various legal rulings, on subjects like copyright law, anti-discrimination of various sorts, marriage rights, religious freedoms, government malfeasance, and freedom of speech. And fandom, if there are any legal rulings that relate to fandom and none of those topics.

Eventually, there will be a template for posts. Right now, I'm winging it. Anyone who wants to join me can also wing it, with the caveat that they'll be expected to edit to match the template, if/when one is decided on.

General outline of how posts get here:
1) [personal profile] elf is given or pointed to a PDF of an interesting court filing or ruling.
2) She converts the PDF to text--either by saving as a Word doc if it's text to start with, or throwing it into FineReader & correcting the OCR if it's just scans.
3) She formats the resulting doc into basic HTML, including adding cut-tags for each major section.
4) Post. Tag by topic, court, and type of document; other tags may be adopted later. If several docs from the same case are posted, case will be tagged as well.

Suggestions are welcome. Priority will be given to PDFs that aren't searchable. Right now, only actual (US, probably) court docs will be posted--those are all in the public domain in the US, so no permissions are necessary. Discussion & commentary on the docs/cases are welcome.

Other people are welcome to join in the doc conversion neurosis fun, either the insanely-complicated convert-and-OCR-correction process (which requires special software) or the markup-for-posting process (which doesn't).

I post court rulings. Send me links if you've got one you want posted; if it's within my (broad) interest range, and I've got time, I'll post it.


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