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For this one, I also have a swarm to choose from. Probably not as many as color-songs, though; I like lots of songs with numbers in the chorus but not in the titles. I think I'm going to bypass the entire Schoolhouse Rock set (I like all of them, but especially Zero My Hero, Figure Eight, and Little Twelvetoes) and try to stick to "mainstream" songs, or at least, songs intended to be standalones rather than part of something else. (Mainstream's in quotes because I have some filk here; if you don't know what they are, they'd be hard to track down.)

Christmas at Ground Zero | One Tin Soldier | Two of Us | Threes | Wind's Four Quarters | Five Years | Six Days on the Road | Seven Year Ache | 867-5309 | 9 to 5 | At Seventeen | 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover | '65 Love Affair | 88 Lines about 44 Women | 99 Luftballons ...

Wow, there's a lot of mopey in that list. I should pick something that's a bit more perky.
One bouncy cheerful number song, coming up. )
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Really? Just one? I have a whole rainbow of songs I like with colors in the title: Crimson and Clover | Orange Crush | Big Yellow Taxi | Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine | Crystal Blue Persuasion | Purple People Eater | Lavender's Blue ...and then we get to colors not in the official rainbow set... Bad Bad Leroy Brown | Whiter Shade of Pale | Touch of Grey | Black Hole Sun | Pink Shoe Laces | Sister Golden Hair | Maxwell's Silver Hammer...

Gah. Have to pick just one.

I'm going with pirates. )

30 Day Song Meme

Jun. 21st, 2017 11:29 pm
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Stealing this from [personal profile] kshandra. I decided I should blog more, and telling myself to blog more about Important And Interesting Things isn't working, so I should try one of those "blog every day" things. (I've never done well at them.) This time, I picked something easy and fun instead of something that requires Deep Thought that I usually don't have by the end of my workday.

So: 30 days of songs, which are likely to be YouTube embeds (but maybe not, because I have a great love for a lot of filk that's never made it to YouTube); some are likely to get a lot of commentary, and others are likely to be "here it is, end of the day... um, have a music thing."


List of Songs to Post Later )
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I mean, I've found a form of exercise that I love (belly dance) and I still can barely get off my ass to practice without reminding myself that I need to perform in front of an audience every eight weeks or so, and I not only do I not want to fuck it up, I also want to be one of the better ones in the group performing, not one of the worst ones in the group. That's it. That's my motivation. And I still can't manage to exercise every day.

Who ever loves getting sweaty and hot and achey and uncomfortable? There's literally no short-term reward for me. (I've never gotten a runners high. I know people get those, but my biology takes any amount of exercise and says, "You're tired. Suck it up and keep going.") The long-term rewards get me practicing a couple times a week, but I know people who do this stuff daily and I just. don't. get. it.

The person I coordinate choreography practice with is moving up a level next class, so I'm going to have to rediscover my personal motivation for solo practice. I think I can, because not sucking in front of an audience is motivation. But it's still tough to find motivation.

Also I work full time and raise a child and cook and clean and try to have other hobbies and parental issues and-- Having a life is hard, so how am I supposed to do all of that and exercise daily?

(This is not meant to shame anyone. This is my vast and quizzical lack of understanding talking here. This is hard for me, and if it's hard for you in a different way, believe me, I respect that.)
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