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I think someone on Dreamwidth may have posted a link to a service that scrubs through your email and finds lost account sign-ups (maybe several months ago). Unfortunately, while I had it open in a tab, I lost it in a browser crash earlier today. I can't find it in my history, and I was wondering if I'm remembering right. Did someone on Dreamwidth post a link or recommendation for this?
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Hard copy catalogs from Media*West listing zines that were going to be available in Spring 2000. Aw, anything with slash (m/m or f/f) requires an age statement no matter whether there is porn or not.

Some of this Xena fic looks pretty good; I'm kind of sad I missed out on it.

There's something to be said for the window into old school fandom that I have here, but I'm decluttering. Time to drop it in the recycling bin. I do like the all-things-available-online way fandom is working these days, so I can lay around with a tablet or an e-reader instead of a hard copy zine. It takes up less space.
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