Looking for free speech comm

Apr. 25th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Can anyone recommend good DW communities (or journals) about free speech and the politics thereof? Interests search was inconclusive, mostly leading me to fanfic comms (not that these are bad in and of themselves, but not what I was looking for). I searched for "free speech", "freedom of speech", "1st amendment", and "first amendment". Any other interest search terms I could try?

In Need of Trek TOS Art

Apr. 24th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Zinelets is established as name of mini-zine line. First issue, titled Motionally Compromised (unless someone convinces me otherwise) will feature Star Trek: TOS, with the feature story expected to be Spock/McCoy.

I plan to distribute flyers during Memorial Day weekend conventions (I think there are 4 in my area, although hitting them all is not likely to happen unless I get help) with the intent of either mailing them out on June 10th - 1 week after the 48th anniversary of the end of ST:TOS.

But. I don't have any art. If things get closer to Time To Print (or rather, Time To Spend Several Hours Tinkering with Minute InDesign Settings) and I don't have art, I'll probably crawl around Deviantart and try to find someone, but... in the meantime, anyone know artist(s) who'd like to be printed in a tiny Trek TOS zine?

I need art. Could use other content as well. )

FWIW, I have a "test zine" that I intend to use as a template, with Glitch as the fandom. It features one of my Glitch stories from AO3, a bit of simple photoshop artwork involving Glitch pics, and a schedule of Zilloweens for the rest of 2017. Available by request - happy to print them out and mail them to anyone who'd like one; this is an exception to the "send SASE" rule mentioned above. (Mail zinelets@gmail.com with a snailmail address, or questions/comments/etc. that you don't want to show here.)
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I have a friend with a friend who's over Laurell K. Hamilton and is looking for genre recs, so would you please rec your paranormal romance and urban fantasy favorites in the comments here? I've already texted recs, but I'm always on the hunt for new ones and so is the FoaF, so anything you think is good, drop a comment.

Any genre of pairings is welcome. Thanks!

Iron Fist: Further Thoughts

Apr. 20th, 2017 10:47 am
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Still not done with the series. I'm not as into it as Mr. Havoc, who has a long time comics love of Iron Fist. Though now I know why Colleen puts up with Danny. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. )
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I don't really want to talk about the bad things. I am glad, though, that I was able to help Mom out this weekend, and get her mind off of her problems, at least for a little while. If I let myself think about it too long, I'll start navelgazing about all of them. So instead, have some linkspam:

WordStar: A writer’s word processor - Every now and again, I look at this and think, "Do I want to learn another word processor? Something even more keyboard-intensive to use than WordPerfect? I love Scrivener, but options . I won't install it, but it's fun to think about.

I am not (yet) going to be watching this Carrie Fisher tribute, but I've heard I'll need tissues when I do. Mark Hamill organized his own tribute to her, and I'll have to watch that and laugh - and probably cry too.

One of my favorite ice cream places used to make lychee ice cream, but stopped. I need to start making my own.

Sylvia Volk has written a lot of very good Highlander fiction (though I have issues with her treatment of Cassandra), and I've found out that she's made the leap to original fic. I'll have to check her original stories out later.

I have this project where I've been looking for a stainless steel water bottle that's made in the U.S. instead of China, just to see if any are, and it's awfully difficult to find anything. Like, there are none. I've found one aluminium bottle, not much else. I've found some scaremongering blogs, those are fun (well, not really), and some more balanced ones that point out the costs of making a food-grade stainless steel water bottle in the U.S. are prohibitively high. (The comments are even fairly sensible, surprisingly enough.)

There's a copper travel mug (lined with stainless steel) that's made in the U.S., and probably everyone is paid a living wage and the prices are more than fair. I would love to buy this, but it's $300 and fuck if I can afford a $300 copper travel mug. There's also a stainless steel mug, but it's the "man mug," and I'm vomiting a little in my mouth at the name: You can check out their completed Kickstarter if you want to, though.

Homestuck Liveblogging: Go

Apr. 14th, 2017 10:55 am
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I've picked up on Homestuck liveblogging again. (I'm partway through Act 4. There are... 6 or 7 acts, so that means I'm more than halfway done, right?) (Stop laughing at me.)

I want NO SPOILERS. Srsly. None. Liveblog tumblr is set to not give me notices of asks; those go to a couple of friends who help screen them and either answer privately or delete ones that reveal info I don't want yet.

Which is... EVERYTHING I don't already know.

I went into Homestuck knowing:
1) There are "trolls" with horns and zodiac symbols on their t-shirts.
2) There is tentabulge fanart. (This was the reason I got into Homestuck.)
3) There is a ton of slash, including pairings that many people consider disturbing.
4) A handful of names - some human, some troll.
5) Hussie is a dick to his readers. (Or, by other interps, "Hussie is a trickster who likes to keep his readers guessing." But I've read enough to know which version I think is more accurate.)

I have, at this point in reading, met 3 trolls. (I think. Been on hiatus for a while; details are blurry.) I have seen names of a few more in Pesterchum logs.

I don't want to know more. Staying spoiler-free is difficult in a mega-fandom; part of this was an exercise to see if that's possible. It's kinda not. Well-meaning fans keep mentioning small details that they don't even realize are spoilers.

My favorite spoiler so far has been: "At one point, John eats lasagne." And they nicely told me that obviously the whole story is now ruined so I can just quit.
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